Most Recent KS2 Results


DfE guide to progress measures

2017 SATs

2017 SATs Attainment Results (not validated)
  Holy Trinity National
Reading 76% 71%
Writing 88% 76%
Maths 81% 75%
SPaG 82% 77%
Combined 69% 61%


2016 SATs

Attainment at Holy Trinity SATs 2016 

  Reading Writing Maths SPAG Combined score
National 66% 74% 70% 72% 53%
Holy Trinity 61% 85% 75% 68% 53%


Attainment at the government set higher standard 2016

  Reading Writing Maths SPAG Combined score
National 19% 15% 17% 23% 5%
Holy Trinity 14% 17% 16% 22% 5%


School Value Added score- Actual 2016 results
  Reading Writing Maths
Pupil count 87 87 87
School Value Added progress score -2.10 0.70 -0.11
Average scale point score 101.7 n/a 103.9


 Dashboard - school commentary 2016 - 2017







Overall score -2.10

Diasdvantaged was -2.13

Not in top or bottom 10%

Good, but not top 10%

Overall 0.70

Disadvantaged 1.44

Overall Cohort score-0.11

Disdvantaged -0.84

Not in top or bottom 10%

Broadly average progress
Accross all subjects we were not in the top or bottom 10% for progress, even with the higher standard of tests




Broadly average progress.  Re. percentile ranks we have moved forward with progress for writing and maths.  Writing progress is now above national, maths in line, but reading progress below national.

  • Writing progress scores of Lower prior attainment
  • Progress scores in maths for lower prior attainers
  • In maths progress scores for both girls and boys were in line with national.


  • Attainment of all pupils in writing, especially disadvantaged middle prior attainers
  • Attainment in Science is above national and diminished the difference for the disadvantaged
  • SEN support above national attainment in writing and maths
  • Attendance for all pupils and the FSM group was above the national all figure and no group had low attendance (in the lowest 10%) or persistent absence (in the highest 10%)
  • Reading attainment and progress for all pupils
  • More middle prior attainers to reach greater depth standard in writing
  • Disadvantaged middle attainers to meet expected standard in maths
  • More higher attainers children to reach greater depth in maths
  • SEN reading progress and attainment
  • Spelling strategies to be consistently implemented across the school and progress monitored for all attainers, especially for SEN support and disadvantaged
  • More able disadvantaged in all core subjects (particularly where there is no SEN overlap)
  • With the high percentage of middle attainment our attainment should be higher


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