Eco Council

At Holy Trinity, we have an Eco Council that helps us care for our school environment. 

The Eco Council is made up of one child from every class who meet Miss Caluya once a week to discuss ideas, issues and to promote good practice.

Our Eco Council work hard to promote everyone’s awareness of saving energy.  They deliver messages throughout the school to help ensure that everyone plays their part in creating an eco-friendly school.

They talk to their classes encouraging both children and staff to:

-          Switch off the lights when they leave the room

-          Switch off the projector when not in use

-          Use the recycling bin to recycle paper, card and plastic cups

-          Use paper on both sides before it is thrown away

-          Throw away fruit waste in the compost bin

-          Ask teachers to turn the heating down before opening extra windows

Every week, each class are assessed by the Eco Council on how eco-friendly they are and are given a score.  At the end of the month, the winning class receive a certificate and ten minutes extra playtime!

Eco Council do other important jobs such as checking the hall doors are closed at the end of lunch so that the heat doesn’t escape, checking the computers are off at the end of the day and supplying the bird tables with food.

At Holy Trinity, we have an Eco Code, available by clicking here, that helps our school community understand the ways in which we can look after our school environment. 

The Eco Council conducted an environmental review earlier this year which looks at nine topics: energy, water, biodiversity, school grounds, healthy living, transport, litter, waste and global citizenship.

Based on the results, our 2014-2015 action plan includes:

-          Saving energy

-          Travelling to and from school in an eco-friendly way

-          Improving and using our school grounds more

 If you have any suggestions and ideas that would help make our school more environmentally friendly, we would love to hear from you!